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The Birillo is designed to help children aged two to eight move independently when in a sitting position.

Its integral abduction block facilitates correct pelvic posture.

The Birillo positions in the child to prevent extreme trunk and hip extension, encouraging arm movement and trunk rotation.

The colourful appearance of the aid is designed to give the impression of a toy, leading to stimulation towards safe exploration of the child's environment.

Available in a number of sizes, the Birillo has a variety of accessories available.

It has a tough epoxy coated frame with padded upholstery.

The seat has a plastic coating for extra protection and to make hygiene easy to maintain.

The Birillo has a handlebar which is both height and depth adjustable, while the wheels have bumpers for extra protection.

Extra Small Birillo

Weight: 8.5kg (1 1/4 stone).

Seat depth: 180mm (7 inches).

Seat width: 220mm (8 3/4 inches).

Overall width: 590mm (23 3/4 inches).

Overall length: 480mm (19 1/4 inches).

Height range: 340-480mm (13 3/4-19 1/4 inches).

Leg height range: 190-250mm (7 1/4-10 inches).

Maximum user weight: 30kg (5 stone).

Small Birillo

Weight: 10kg (1 1/2 stone).

Seat depth: 200mm (8 inches).

Seat width: 260mm (10 1/4 inches).

Overall width: 650mm (26 inches).

Overall length: 490mm (19 1/2 inches).

Height range: 380-540mm (15 1/4-21 3/4 inches).

Leg height range: 200-280mm (8-11 inches).

Maximum user weight: 40kg (6 1/2 stone).

Medium Birillo

Weight: 11kg (1 1/2 stone).

Seat depth: 230mm (9 inches).

Seat width: 300mm (12 inches).

Overall width: 730mm (29 inches).

Overall length: 570mm (23 inches).

Height range: 400-600mm (16-24 inches).

Leg height range: 200-320mm (8-12 1/2 inches).

Maximum user weight: 50kg (8 stone).

Large Birillo

Weight: 12.8kg (2 stone).

Seat depth: 300mm (12 inches).

Seat width: 380mm (15 inches).

Overall width: 780mm (31 inches).

Overall length: 580mm (23 1/4 inches).

Height range: 480-640mm (19-25 3/4 inches).

Leg height range: 200-380mm (8-15 inches).

Maximum user weight: 60kg (9 3/4 stone).