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Cowley Shower Stool

Cowley Shower Stool
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This Cowley Shower Stool is ideal for people who are unable to stand, or who fatigue quickly.

It allows the user to sit down, in comfort and security, and bath at their own pace.

With a polyurethane construction, the seat of the Cowley Shower Stool is comfortable, durable and easy to clean.

It is also textured to make it non-slip and features a front-cut out section to facilitate personal cleaning.

The seat is also tilted slightly forward, providing the user with assistance when rising.

A Duradip coating on the steel frame makes the Cowley Shower Stool suitable for use in the wet, potentially corrosive shower conditions.

With cross-bracing and a high-tensile design, the frame is strong and sturdy - it can support users weighing up to 160kg (25 stone).

An adjustment mechanism means the seat height can be raised and lowered to suit each user and four non-slip feet ensure safety.

The Cowley Shower Stool is a simple, economical solution for assisted bathing.

Width: 38cm (15 inches).

Depth: 43cm (17 inches).

Seat size: 36 x 31cm (14 x 12 inches).

Seat height (front): 48-60cm (19-24 inches).

Seat height (rear): 51-62cm (20-24 1/2 inches).

Weight: 4kg (3/4 stone).