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Doormatic Door Opener

Doormatic Door Opener
Doormatic Door Opener Doormatic Door Opener
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The Doormatic Door Opener is an innovative tool that can automatically open and close doors.

It is an economical alternative to traditional automatic door systems that has been awarded the James Dyson People Choice Award.

No tools are required to fit the Doormatic Door Opener, and it can be set up in minutes.

An in-built motion sensor detects movement and signals for the door to open.

It can also be operated by a remote fob and has a 'push and go' function as well.

The door opens smoothly, allowing the user to pass through more easily.

With an easy to use menu, the Doormatic Door Opener can be adjusted to open and close more quickly, and stay open for longer.

To prevent the door closing on a person unexpectedly, the Opener has obstacle detection software.

This makes it safe and reduces the risk of injuries.

With a waterproof design, the Doormatic Door Opener is suitable for use in wet conditions such as the bathroom.

It is battery powered and these can be charged whilst in the product if required.

Width: 58cm (23 inches).

Height: 24cm (9 inches).

Depth: 13cm (5 inches).

Guide rail size: 9 x 17 x 2cm (4 x 7 x 1 inches).

Weight: 5kg (3/4 stone).

Battery weight: 2kg (1/4 stone).

Battery power: 12volt, 26Ah.

Remote fob frequency: 868.35Mhz.

Maximum suitable door weight: 50kg (8 1/4 stone).

Suitable door width: 80-150cm (32-59 inches).

Opening angle: 45-180 degrees.