Gift Ideas Under £15

Christmas presents priced under £15.

Christmas presents priced under £15.

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  1.  Economy Stick Strap

    Economy Stick Strap

    This is a handy walking stick accessory which prevents the stick from falling to the floor.
    ( £3.59  inc VAT )
  2. Vat Exempt  Stick Clip

    Stick Clip

    A simple yet clever device for keeping a walking stick nearby and ready to be used.
    ( £3.59  inc VAT )
  3.  Stick Holder

    Stick Holder

    A simple yet smart device that attaches walking sticks to the frames of wheelchairs or walkers.
    ( £8.99  inc VAT )
  4. Vat Exempt  Body Care Nail File Holder

    Body Care Nail File Holder

    Simple device that makes holding a nail file much easier.
    ( £9.59  inc VAT )
  5.  Table Top Fingernail Clipper

    Table Top Fingernail Clipper

    A fingernail clipper mounted on a sturdy plastic base, ideal for people with limited mobility in the hands.
    ( £13.58  inc VAT )
  6.  Long Reach Toe Nail Cutters

    Long Reach Toe Nail Cutters

    A air of toe clippers with large loop handles and an extended shank to allow for easier cutting.
    ( £8.99  inc VAT )
  7.  Rubber Grip Bath Mat

    Rubber Grip Bath Mat

    A range of rubber bath mats with a non-slip surface and suction cups.
    ( £14.39  inc VAT )
  8.  Bath Pillow With Suction Cups

    Bath Pillow With Suction Cups

    Finished with soft cushioned material which provides comfort and support in the bath.
    ( £10.80  inc VAT )
  9. Vat Exempt  Foot Brush & Sponge

    Foot Brush & Sponge

    This washing aid helps you reach your feet and toes without having to bend down.
    ( £14.39  inc VAT )
  10.  Bread Knife

    Bread Knife

    Bread knife with ergonomically angled handle.
    ( £14.39  inc VAT )
  11.  Easi-Grip Vegetable Knife

    Easi-Grip Vegetable Knife

    Pronged, angle headed knife suitable for various uses.
    ( £14.39  inc VAT )
  12.  Can Key

    Can Key

    Practical opener for all cans and tins with a ring-pull seal.
    ( £6.19  inc VAT )
  13.  Plastic Multi Opener

    Plastic Multi Opener

    A multi-purpose device that aids in the opening of cans and bottles.
    ( £5.69  inc VAT )
  14. Vat Exempt  Round Dycem Anchorpads

    Round Dycem Anchorpads

    A useful range of non-slip mats that are made from the unique Dycem material.
    ( £5.99  inc VAT )
  15.  Elastic Shoelaces (2 pairs)

    Elastic Shoelaces (2 pairs)

    These 610mm (24 inches) laces need tying just once and are available in white, black and brown.
    ( £7.19  inc VAT )
  16.  Pill Box Reminder

    Pill Box Reminder

    A handy sized timer that can be used to remind the user to take medication.
    ( £15.30  inc VAT )
  17.  Pocket LCD Pill Box

    Pocket LCD Pill Box

    A pill storage solution with an LCD clock and timer.
    ( £9.59  inc VAT )
  18. Vat Exempt  Pill Box and Splitter Combo

    Pill Box and Splitter Combo

    A dual use product that functions as pill storage and a means of cutting pills in half.
    ( £4.79  inc VAT )
  19.  Card Player (set of 2)

    Card Player (set of 2)

    Holds your cards in a natural position - perfect if you have a shaky grip.
    ( £20.26  inc VAT )
  20.  Easy Needle Threader

    Easy Needle Threader

    Makes threading cotton through a needle easier for those with a tremor or impaired vision.
    ( £8.40  inc VAT )
  21.  Plastic Card Holder

    Plastic Card Holder

    A useful aid that will hold playing cards upright and allowed for people with dexterity problems to play.
    ( £10.80  inc VAT )
  22.  Real Big Playing Cards

    Real Big Playing Cards

    A pack of over-sized cards that are easier to see and hold on to.
    ( £12.08  inc VAT )
  23.  Magnifying Bookmark

    Magnifying Bookmark

    A three-in-one ruler, bookmark and magnifier.
    ( £6.00  inc VAT )
  24.  Inflatable Bath Cushion

    Inflatable Bath Cushion

    This inflatable cushion gives comfort and support for a more relaxing bath.
    ( £9.59  inc VAT )
  25. Vat Exempt  Cane Holder

    Cane Holder

    This clever gadget fastens easily to your wheelchair or walker, allowing you to carry your walking stick.
    ( £9.59  inc VAT )
  26.  Ezee Grip Mats

    Ezee Grip Mats

    These non-slip mats are highly versatile and are available in various sizes and shapes.
    ( £8.39  inc VAT )
  27.  Folding Walking Stick Pouch

    Folding Walking Stick Pouch

    This useful bag is designed specifically for folding walking sticks.
    ( £11.99  inc VAT )
  28. Vat Exempt  Kozee Handz

    Kozee Handz

    A waterproof and warming hand pouch for wheelchair chair users.
    ( £11.99  inc VAT )
  29. Vat Exempt  Wheelchair Pushing Gloves (Leather)

    Wheelchair Pushing Gloves (Leather)

    Leather gloves specially designed to ease strain from pushing wheelchairs.
    ( £16.79  inc VAT )
  30. Vat Exempt  Deluxe Telescopic Shoe Horn

    Deluxe Telescopic Shoe Horn

    These attractive telescopic shoehorns can be set to the perfect length for your needs.
    ( £12.00  inc VAT )

Items 1-30 of 53

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