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Aquaplast Original White

Aquaplast Original White
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The Aquaplast Original White is a high quality, specialist splinting material.

It is non-draping so is perfect for applications where exact conforming is required.

It can be heated up in order to make it mouldable and will set into the desired shape.

The design of the Aquaplast Original White means it can be reheated and reshaped and also trimmed if required.

It is ideal for use as serial splints, when larger splints are required and as a spasticity splint.

Due to its re-mouldable design it is also perfect for use as a splint that needs to be revised over time.

Activation/working times

1.6mm for 35 seconds at 70-75 degrees C gives 1-2 minutes working time.

2.4mm for 1 minute at 70-75 degrees C gives 2-3 minutes working time.

3.2mm for 1 minute at 70-75 degrees C gives 4-6 minutes working time.