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The RevoReach is a high quality reaching aid that makes picking things up easier.

It is perfect for people who have movement and mobility restrictions that make it hard to bend over and reach.

The trigger mechanism can be operated using the whole hand and with minimal finger movement, making it usable by people with poor hand strength or dexterity.

To enable more versatility, the jaws of the RevoReach can be rotated in 30 degree increments though a full circle.

A unique 'GripLock' multi-function makes the jaws even more useful:

• Standard - the user can grab an item then manually employ the jaw locking mechanism.

• Grip & Hold - the jaws can be pre-set to stay closed on an object once it is gripped.

• Fine Tune Grip - the jaws can be locked halfway closed to enable more precise picking up of smaller objects or for use in tight spaces.

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