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Tin can openers, jar openers and bottle openers. Essential Aids is proud to offer a wide range of clever opening devices for the kitchen. These items are useful for people with weak grip or limited range of motion. Many people with Arthritis in the hands or fingers find it challenging to grip and turn lids and openers. A large handled tin opener or one which automatically opens the can without requiring much strength from the user may be an important kitchen aid. Similarly, a bottle opener which grips caps may also be beneficial to some people. Essential Aids also supplies special jar openers which work in a similar way.

Tin can openers, jar openers and bottle openers. Essential Aids is proud to offer a wide range of clever opening devices for the kitchen. These items are useful for people with weak grip


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Frequently Asked Questions
What's the purpose of bottle, can and jar openers?

These devices help open a variety of food containers which may be too stiff to do so unaided.

Who might benefit from openers in the kitchen?

For people with a weak grip, reduced strength or hand tremors, tools to open food and drink containers are invaluable daily living aids.

Are clamps available which hold jars and tins for opening?

Yes, these devices work almost like a vice used for wood-work.

Made of plastic, they attach to the edge of the kitchen worktop.

They have an in-built wide clamp, into which a jar or can can be inserted.

The turnkey on the clamp can then be manually tightened, holding the jar or tin firmly in place.

An opener can then be used on the lid, with the body of the object held steady by the clamp.

Are can-openers available with wide handles?

Yes, because conventional metal can or tin openers often dig into the user's hands, alternatives with broad grips are available.

These are much more comfortable to use, and are particularly appropriate for those with arthritis in the hands.

The turning mechanisms are smoother and require less finger and hand strength to operate.

Can I buy a device to help open ring-pulls, cans or tins?

The 'Can Key' is a simple plastic tool designed for just this task.

People with reduced strength in the fingers may have difficulty opening this type of seal.

The Can Key is a simple lever with a narrow end, small enough to initially lift the ring pull.

The shaft of the opener then provides extra leverage, allowing the user to prise open the tin.

I have difficulty twisting the tops of bottles, is there anything to help?

Yes, there are numerous products designed to solve this problem.

Some come in the shape of soft plastic domes which have an aperture which fits the shape of the lid.

These provide a surface which is much easier to grip than the lid itself, making it easier to twist off.

Another popular design has similarities with a traditional nutcracker, with two hinged, plier-like levers and jaws which fit around the lid.

Once clamped on it, the long handles provide great leverage, making twisting the lid a much easier process.

Are automatic tin openers available?

For those with arthritis in the hands and fingers, sometimes even large-handled tin openers may be painful to use.

An alternative is an electric automatic can opener.

As the name suggests, this device opens tin cans without requiring any physical exertion.

Are openers available which can open different kinds of containers?

Yes, there are multi-openers for just this purpose.

Like swiss-army knives, these have multiple components built-in to the same device.

They open cans, tins, bottles and numerous kinds of lids, so are a great space saver in the kitchen!

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