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Back Braces

Back braces are used in the treatment of lower back pain.

In some cases, orthopaedic supports for the back and torso can make a big difference to the wearer's comfort level.

Please check the individual characteristics of all the products in our Spine & Torso section to make sure you buy the correct one for your needs.

Supports, braces and belts can also be used to prevent the onset of back pain.

They are also sometimes deployed to prevent the recurrence of previous back injury.

Many people choose to use them when they are doing physical activity, or when lifting heavy objects.

Many pregnant women use them to ease their condition. Some products within our Spine & Torso section are designed specifically for this purpose.

Click here for our orthopaedic range for the back, spine and torso

In Bedroom, there is everything from bed rails and mobility aids, to continence care products like waterproof bedding and underwear.

Within our Dressing department, there are a number of fantastic products built to help with ordinary tasks like putting on socks without bending down, or shoelaces that don't require a fiddly tie.

Within Home Health we offer items including blood pressure monitors, tens machines and thermometers, along with a whole host of other useful devices.

Children, one of our most popular shopping areas, has many paediatric related sub-sections.

These include specialised kitchenware, bathroom equipment, reading and writing aids, along with products designed to aid child mobility.

Many of the products are built specifically for children with special needs.

Finally, in Comfort, you will find items like pressure relief cushions and pillows, riser chairs, foot rests and padding products.

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