Neo G RX Tennis/Golf Strap

Neo G RX Tennis/Golf Strap

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The Neo G RX Tennis/Golf Elbow Strap offers dynamic support and compression to the forearm muscles and elbow tendons.

It secures in place using a simple loop strap.

By dampening the vibrations felt in the forearm, the Neo G RX Tennis/Golf Elbow Strap reduces the stress and strain placed on the muscles and tendons.

It is ideal for wearing during high impact sports and occupational activities, particularly for sufferers of epicondylitis.

The breathable construction ensures it is comfortable, and the strap is also embedded with silver for an anti-microbial effect.

Aloe Vera is also embedded, making the Neo G RX Tennis/Golf Elbow Strap smooth and moisturising to the skin.

Suitable for forearm circumferences of up to 36cm (14 3/4 inches).

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