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Elasticated Spinal Support

Elasticated Spinal Support
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This Elasticated Spinal Support has an integral pad which delivers exceptional support to the bottom of the back.

The mouldable shaped pad gives deep support to the sacral and low lumbar area.

Correct fitting is easily achieved with a sliding buckle strap.

The Elasticated Spinal Support is available in a number of sizes and is suitable for a range of conditions including osteoarthritis, sciatica and lower back pain.

It is comfortable to wear and can significantly relieve strain on the lower back.

Sizes refer measurement around the waist:

56-62cm (22 1/4-24 3/4 inches).

63-72cm (25-28 3/4 inches).

73-82cm (29-32 3/4 inches).

83-92cm (33-36 3/4 inches).

93-102cm (37-40 3/4 inches).

103-112cm (41-44 3/4 inches).