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Hinged Elbow Sleeve

Hinged Elbow Sleeve
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This Hinged Elbow Sleeve provides essential support for the elbow, particularly during healing from injury.

It has metal hinges to limit movement in both a lateral and medial direction, also helping to restrict hyper-extension (over extension).

The Hinged Elbow Sleeve is suitable for use on either the right or left arm.

Made from layers of crease resistant Coolmax / Airprene material, it is machine washable, fast drying, and breathable.

Hinged Elbow Sleeve - Coolmax/ Airprene fabric

The Hinged Elbow Sleeve is an excellent support for people with conditions such as Bursitis, Tendonitis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Joint Inflammation.

It is available in four different sizes.


Upper arm circumference: 20 - 23cm (8 - 9 inches).


Upper arm circumference: 23 - 25cm (9 - 10 inches).


Upper arm circumference: 26 - 30cm (10 1/4 - 11 3/4 inches).

Extra Large

Upper arm circumference: 31 - 33cm (12 1/4 - 13 inches).