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Paediatric Leg Abduction Bar

Paediatric Leg Abduction Bar
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This Paediatric Leg Abduction Bar holds the legs of a child in an abducted position.

It is useful following an operation and has applications for children with cerebral palsy.

It consists of two cuffs that fit around the legs above the knee.

These are held apart by an adjustable length bar.

The attachment point is a nylon ball and socket joint that duplicates the natural movement of the hips.

A breathable nylon lining ensures the Paediatric Leg Abduction Bar is comfortable to wear.

It can be supplied in standard, narrow and extra narrow configurations.

Cuff height: 8.9cm (3 1/2 inches).

Size Chart...

Size Mid Thigh Circ Abduction Bar Width
Inches Cm Inches Cm
Extra Narrow 8 1/2 - 13 21.6 - 33 3 7.6
Narrow 12 - 18 30.5 - 45.7 5 1/4 - 7 13.3 - 17.8