StayPut Non-Slip Fabric Tablemat

StayPut Non-Slip Fabric Tablemat

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With a construction from specialist ECO PERformance fabric, this StayPut Non-Slip Fabric Tablemat is a useful dining aid.

It is non-slip even when wet, and the material is food grade accredited and non-toxic.

This makes it perfect for use during mealtimes when it will likely come into contact with food.

The non-slip properties give the StayPut Non-Slip Fabric Tablemat two useful functions.

First, it does not slide around the tabletop when in use, making one-handed dining easier.

Secondly, the plate or bowl is less likely to tip or spill if it is knocked - a feature that is handy if the user has unsteady hands or tremor.

The StayPut Non-Slip Fabric Tablemat is also machine washable if required, and it does not leave a sticky residue.

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