Telescopic Non-Slip Channel Ramps

Telescopic Non-Slip Channel Ramps

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Our Telescopic Non-Slip Channel Ramps are compatible with wheelchairs and other four wheeled mobility aids.

They are ideal for overcoming steps, kerbs and other similar obstacles.

The channel of each ramp features a grippy black surface that ensures safety and traction.

The edges of the ramps are also raised to prevent the wheels from slipping or falling off.

A simple design makes the Telescopic Non-Slip Channel Ramps easy and quick to set up – simply position the ramp on the step and it is ready for use.

To make transporting the ramps easier a handy carry bag is included.

Please note: these ramps are not suitable for storing outside due to the glue used to attach the non-slip coating.

Maximum safe gradient: 1:6.

Recommended safe gradient: 1:8.

Maximum safe load (pair): 275kg (43 1/4 stone).

Raised edge height: 46mm (1 3/4 inches).

Width: 190mm (7 1/2 inches).


Extended Length: 1220mm (48 inches).

Min Length: 745mm (29 1/4 inches).

Weight per ramp: 4.5kg (3/4 stone).

Max. load height: 200mm (8 inches).


Extended Length: 1520mm (60 inches).

Min Length: 895mm (35 1/4 inches).

Weight per ramp: 5.5kg (1 stone).

Max. load height: 250mm (10 inches).


Extended Length: 1830mm (72 inches).

Min Length: 1050mm (41 1/4 inches).

Weight per ramp: 6.5kg (1 stone).

Max. load height: 300mm (12 inches).


Extended Length: 2130mm (84 inches).

Min Length: 1200mm (47 1/4 inches).

Weight per ramp: 8kg (1 1/4 stone).

Max. load height: 355mm (14 inches).

When using channel ramps, we strongly advise supervision by a carer or support person to ensure safety.

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