Trio Adjustable Orthotic Insoles

Trio Adjustable Orthotic Insoles

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The Trio Adjustable Orthotic Insoles are available in either full or 3/4 length versions.

They are suitable for the treatment of medium arched feet and a range of associated conditions.

These include plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, joint pain, metatarsalgia, calf strains and medial tibial stress syndrome.

An anti-bacterial agent is used on the top surface in order to mitigate foot odour.

The Trio Adjustable Orthotic Insoles are manufactured from ethylene vinyl acetate and can be supplied in one of three densities: 45, 60 or 70 shore A.

A 3-degree medial biplanar rearfoot post and 3-degree lateral and medial forefoot posts are also included.

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