Vulkan AE Knee Support

Vulkan AE Knee Support

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The Vulkan AE Knee Support was designed by professionals in sports and orthopaedic medicine, using the highest quality construction for optimum support and comfort.

This fantastic knee support is highly versatile, relieving discomfort, promoting healing and encouraging healthy circulation to the joint.

It is made from Neoprene, a quality synthetic rubber known for its tough, long-lasting and breathable properties.

The Vulkan AE Knee Support helps retain warmth and blood flow without over heating, cushions the joint and helps keep it stable.

It also limits and controls swelling, hyper-extension or uncomfortable movements.

The Vulkan AE Knee Support is discreet and close fitting, allowing convenient wear under most clothes.

Ideal for sprains, tendon soreness and a wide range of sporting activities where risk to the knee is involved.

Knee circumference

Large: 36-40.5cm (26 1/4-16 inches).

Medium: 31-35cm (12 1/4-14 inches).

Small: 28.5-31cm (11 1/2-12 1/4 inches).

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