Wandering Alert Floor & Door Sensor Kit

Wandering Alert Floor & Door Sensor Kit

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This Wandering Alert Floor and Door Sensor Kit alerts a carer or friend when a person has left a chair or bed.

It improves safety and gives peace of mind without the need for constant supervision.

The practical kit includes a floor pressure mat transmitter, a magnetic door contact transmitter and a radio pager.

The floor mat can be placed next to a bed, a chair or by the door to help detect when somebody leaves.

It is made from a durable polyvinyl, a hard wearing material which can withstand high amounts of pressure.

The door sensor monitors internal or external doors for maximum versatility.

The Wandering Alert Floor and Door Sensor Kit works by sending an alarm signal to a carer's pager when one of the transmitters is triggered.

When the alarm is triggered, the pager emits a silent vibration alert, or a combination of vibration and an alert tone with adjustable volume.

The pager also features a low battery alert, when any of the transmitters have a low charge.

Floor Sensor Mat

Length 75cm (29 1/2 inches).

Width 45cm (17 3/4 inches).

Transmitter and Door Contact Units

Width: 4cm (1 1/2 inches).

Length: 13.8cm (5 1/2 inches).

Depth: 2.5cm (1 inches).

Pager Size

Width: 6cm (2 1/2 inches).

Height: 9cm (3 1/2 inches).

Depth: 2.8cm (1 inches).

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