Wool Pile Knee Warmer

Wool Pile Knee Warmer

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The Wool Pile Knee Warmer is a knee support which provides warmth and comfort with the finest natural materials.

Made from wool pile, known for its cosy and warming properties.

Discreet enough to be worn under trousers or a long skirt, the Wool Pile Knee Warmer can be worn all day to provide constant support and stability to the knee joint.

Ideal for aiding recovery following an injury, or for people with conditions such as Arthritis which can effect the joints.

For maximum comfort, the Wool Pile Knee Warmer should be worn with the fleece side towards the skin.

It is 46cm to 40cm in circumference (it is shaped and joined like a sock).

To apply, pull up to the knee and adjust for precise fit using the elastic strap.

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