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Desk Clamp and Paper Holder Set

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Easi-Grip Desk Clamp and Paper Holder Set
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Developed by Bath Instute of Medical Engineering (BIME), this clever clamp and papre holder has been designed for people who predominantly rely on the use of one hand.

The clamp is easy to fix and release to a table (max depth 2.5cm) or sloping writing board and holds papers firmly in place for reading, writing or craft activities.

Constructed from steel for durability, the clamp is light (just 130g) and easily portable.

Removes frustration and assists user to write or draw with confidence and accuracy

The ''Free Hand'' Paper Holder provides the ideal solution to the problem of scissor activities requiring two hands

Simply insert the page in between the two parts of the cone-shaped paper holder and find the best angle for the task then tighten using the screw turn knob

Papers can then be held in the appropriate position for reading or cutting activities

The paper holder and desk clamp provide the ideal solution to the problem of  scissor activities requiring two hands.

On its own the paper holder can be used to hold a document allowing easy desktop reading.

For scissor/cutting activities it must be used with the desk clamp to firmly secure it to the desk.

Suitable for people with a weak grip, poor hand control or only the use of one hand.

(code: PAP-DCH)