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Aids for Stroke Victims

The phrase ‘Aids for stroke victims’ is out of date.

People who have suffered with the condition are now usually referred to as stroke survivors.

It is felt that this better describes the individual’s circumstances and gives it a positive slant.

With modern treatment, many people go on to live full lives following a period of recovery.

Physical rehabilitation is typically an important part of the process.

Using aids for stroke victims (survivors) can greatly assist in this.

Impairments in manual dexterity are common, making day-to-day tasks a challenge.

Feeding oneself is one of the areas in which specific aids and equipment can play a role.

Essential Aids has a range of cutlery which is adapted to make it easier to use than conventional cutlery.

In some cases the shafts are curved to make them easier to grip.

In others they are weighted, to reduce the effects of a tremor.

With new weaknesses in the body, many people recovering from a stroke find support rails are helpful.

These help with balance and an be installed cheaply.

These rails and many others are available in our Grab Rails and Bed Rails departments.

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