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Mobility Equipment

Essential Aids features disability related equipment designed to help people with a wide variety of physical impairments.

As you can see by the variety of shopping and information departments we have, these can range from the very small, to large installations.

In our Mobility section, you will find many useful products, from expensive items like stairlifts, down to grab rails, walking frames and many other small but ingenious devices built to make life easier in any number of ways around the home.

Our Orthopaedic department is where you will find all manner of joint supports and braces.

These can be used by people recovering from injury, or those who are suffering from long-term physical problems which might be eased with the use of correct orthopaedic aids.

Many of the products within this section use Dupont's Coolmax fabric, designed to draw moisture away from the skin and promote comfort.'s Bathroom area features everything you would expect, like toileting and bathing aids and specially adapted grooming tools, plus a whole lot more.

In our Kitchen section, you will discover hundreds of clever products, like can openers for people with a weak grip or non-spill cups and mugs, all designed to help with everyday kitchen tasks.

In Bedroom, there is everything from bed rails and mobility aids, to continence care products like waterproof bedding and underwear.

Within our Dressing department, there are a number of fantastic products built to help with ordinary tasks like putting on socks without bending down, or shoelaces that don't require a fiddly tie.

Within Home Health we offer items including blood pressure monitors, tens machines and thermometers, along with a whole host of other useful devices.

Children, one of our most popular shopping areas, has many paediatric related sub-sections.

These include specialised kitchenware, bathroom equipment, reading and writing aids, along with products designed to aid child mobility.

Many of the products are built specifically for children with special needs.

Finally, in Comfort, you will find items like pressure relief cushions and pillows, riser chairs, foot rests and padding products.

Whatever it is that you are looking for to aid your daily life, we hope you find it at

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