Trevor, 80, Hove

Trevor was fit and well prior to his stroke in February 2014 and had no existing health problems.

Several days before his stroke, Trevor and his wife, Christine had returned from a holiday Miami.

At around 3am Christine was aware that Trevor was making unusual sounds in his sleep. She turned on the light and realised instantly that he’d had a stroke.

An ambulance took Trevor to the Brighton County Hospital where he spent a week before being transferred to Haywards Heath Neurological rehabilitation centre where he spent the next nine weeks.

Upon arrival to the rehab centre, Trevor couldn’t move the right side of his body at all and was fed via a tube.

With the help of physiotherapists and a great deal of determination, he was soon able to walk with a tripod walker, start to communicate and feed himself.

Sixteen months on from his stroke and Trevor continues to make good progress.

For longer excursions he has a mobility scooter, but he’s able to move around his house with just a stick and sometimes a tripod walker.

Despite weakness in his right side, he’s able to stack the dishwasher, lay the table and make a cup of tea and to independently perform everyday tasks like dressing, washing and eating.

Trevor considers that a positive attitude is essential part of rehabilitation and although he occasionally gets low, he doesn’t get depressed.

He sees his physiotherapist once a week and practices exercises that she gives him.

Trevor’s balance is good and he builds up his stamina on an exercise bike at home.

He also hopes to resume swimming with the help of a floatation aid.

His long-term and short-term memory is pretty accurate – so much so, that he can even correct his wife about dates, places etc.

Trevor’s biggest frustration is his speech not being as clear as it was, but he attends a ‘singing for health and pleasure’ group with his wife and finds that he’s most fluent when singing.

He enjoys going out for dinner with family and friends and is looking forward to a short holiday in Eastbourne with his family.

Main impairments: weakness and co-ordination on right side, difficulty articulating his speech.

Useful items: Grab rails, perching stool, raised toilet seat, stick, tripod stick, walker on wheels, ramp, table on wheels


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