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Pain Relief

TENS machines and other electrical devices built to assist with mild pain relief. Some mimic the postive effect of acupunture and electrical impulse application to the site of pain.

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  • Footplate - Electric Foot Warmer

    Footplate - Electric Foot Warmer

    This footplate offers warmth and promotes better circulation.

    Excl. Tax: £53.71 ( £64.45 £64.45 inc VAT )
  • Revitive Advanced

    Revitive Advanced

    An innovative footplate that utilises electrical muscle stimulation technology.

    Excl. Tax: £211.00 ( £253.20 £253.20 inc VAT )
  • Cool Mattress Topper

    Cool Mattress Topper

    This mattress topper promotes more comfortable sleep during hot weather.

    Excl. Tax: £75.10 ( £90.12 £90.12 inc VAT )
  • Ice Bag Mueller Resuable

    Ice Bag Mueller Resuable

    A useful ice bag for administering cold therapy.

    Excl. Tax: £16.99 ( £20.39 £20.39 inc VAT )
  • Cherry Stone Pack

    Cherry Stone Pack

    A useful pack that can be used to apply hot and cold therapy.

    Excl. Tax: £24.99 ( £29.99 £29.99 inc VAT )
  • Ice Bags Mueller

    Ice Bags Mueller

    These ice bags are tough, durable and long lasting.

    Excl. Tax: £89.99 ( £107.99 £107.99 inc VAT )
  • Heat Therapy Hydrocollator

    Heat Therapy Hydrocollator

    This device is designed to heat up HotPac heat therapy packs.

    Excl. Tax: £409.99 ( £491.99 £491.99 inc VAT )
  • Rapid Dressing Assessment Kit

    Rapid Dressing Assessment Kit

    An assessment kit for determining a patient's ability to dress themselves.

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