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Jamar Hand Eval Kit 2

With 30 LB

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Jamar Hand Eval Kit 2

Product Details

The Jamar Hand Eval Kit 2 includes three important pieces of equipment for routine hand strength evaluation.

Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

Crucial tool that offers a variety of features for the evaluations of hand trauma.

With a dual-scale display, this device measures isometric force from 0-200 lbs (90kg).

The peak reading of the needle retains its greatest measurement before resent.

It features an adjustable handle to fit most people's grip size.

Jamar Deluxe Small Joint Goniometer

Shows range of motion measurements of phalangeal, interphalangeal and metacarpal joints.

This stainless steel hand evaluation tool is robust and made to last.

The Jamar Deluxe Small Joint Goniometer has linear centimetre and inch gauges on both sides of protractor in each direction.

Jamar Pinch Gauge

The Jamar Pinch Gauge measures pinch-forces up to a maximum of 60 lbs.

It shows accurate measurements of of isometric tip, palmar and key pinch strength.

Display shows both pounds and kilograms.

The needle retains the user's maximum effort reading.

Available in 30 lb, 45lb, and 60lb maximum ranges.

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