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Neck Braces

If you are diagnosed with a spinal disorder, deformity, or potential problem that can by helped through the use of external structural support, your physician may recommend the use of a neck brace.

Doctors sometimes recommend their use following whiplash injuries.

Braces offer non-invasive way to prevent future problems or to help you heal from a current condition.

The use of neck braces is widely accepted.

They are effective tools in the treatment of spine disorders.

In fact, more than 99% of orthopedic physicians advocate using them.

Braces are really nothing new. They have actually been around for centuries. Lumbosacral corsets (for the lower back) were used as far back as 2000 B.C.

Latterly, braces have become a popular way to actually help prevent primary and secondary lower back pain from ever occurring.

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