Oxford Access Padded Sling

Oxford Access Padded Sling

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This Oxford Access Padded Sling allows the wearer to be assisted into position.

It is ideal for individuals that have physical restrictions that make movement difficult.

Hoist systems that have both four and six-point spreader bars are compatible with the Oxford Access Padded Sling.

It has been specifically designed to make the removal of clothing easier.

A padded section gives a more comfortable feel, and grab handles allow for the easy moving of the wearer.

It is not a general purpose sling and a number of factors should be considering before selecting the correct sling, such as the abilities of the wearer and the hoist being used.

To enable easy cleaning, the Oxford Access Padded Sling can be machine washed and tumble dried on a cold setting.

Small: 34-68kg (5 1/4 - 10 3/4 stone).

Medium: 57-91kg (9 - 14 1/4 stone).

Large: 80-136kg (12 1/2 - 21 1/2 stone).

*Sizes are a general guide.

Please note: a proper assessment should be made by a qualified healthcare professional before selecting the appropriate sling.

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