Rehabilitation Aids After a Stroke

Stroke commonly impacts different parts of the body depending on which part of the brain is affected.

Using rehabilitation aids after a stroke can be of great assistance to the recovery process.

Often there is weakness down one side, or a reduced overall strength or balance.

During recovery, many people find they are reliant on a carer for day-to-day tasks like eating or bathing.

This can lead to frustration, and regaining lost independence is a goal of many stroke survivors.

Much of the equipment available at Essential Aids is suitable for those in this situation.

For example, we have a host of bathing and showering aids.


Rehabilitation Aids After a Stroke  Rehabilitation Aids After a Stroke  Rehabilitation Aids After a Stroke

These items are all available in our Bathroom section. 


Stroke survivors also frequently suffer difficulties with their general mobility.

Essential Aids has many items like rollators, walking frames and walking sticks and which many people find make a crucial difference in their rehabilitation.


Rollators can be excellent rehabilitation Aids After a Stroke  Walking frames can be useful rehabilitation following a stroke  Tetrapod and tripod walking sticks can help with rehabilitation from a stroke

These items are available in the Mobility section of Essential Aids.

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