Rubber Threshold Ramps

Rubber Threshold Ramps

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This range of Rubber Threshold Ramps are simple to install and use.

When placed in front of small door thresholds, wheelchair and mobility scooters users can safely cross.

The surface is ribbed along the full length for superior traction.

A rubber construction makes them extremely strong and capable of supporting very large loads.

Doors are still able to be opened when the Rubber Threshold Ramps has been installed.

Load capacity for this range of rubber threshold ramps is 1000kg (2204 lb or 157 stone).

25mm ramp

Height: 25mm (1 inch).

Width: 1105mm (43 inch).

Length: 210mm (8 inches).

Weight: 4.2kg (9.2 lb).

38mm ramp

Height: 38mm (1 1/2 inches).

Width: 1105mm (43 inch).

Length: 320mm (12 1/2 inches).

Weight: 8.6kg (19 lb).

50mm ramp

Height: 50mm (2 inches).

Width: 1105mm (43 inch).

Length: 410mm (16 inches).

Weight: 12.3kg (27 lb).

63.5mm ramp

Height: 63.5mm (2 1/2 inches).

Width: 1105mm (43 inch).

Length: 420mm (8 1/4 inches).

Weight: 14.1kg (31 lb).


75mm ramp

Height: 75mm (3 inches).

Width: 900mm (35 inch).

Length: 460mm (18 inches).

Weight: 13.2kg (29 lb).


90mm ramp

Height: 90mm (3 1/2 inches).

Width: 900mm (35 inch).

Length: 535mm (21 inches).

Weight: 17.3kg (38 lb).


100mm ramp

Height: 100mm (4 inches).

Width: 900mm (35 inch).

Length: 535mm (21 inches).

Weight: 23.6kg (52 lb).


Read the Essential Aids guide to choosing the right ramp for your wheelchair or mobility scooter.

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