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Fusion Washable Bed Pad


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SPECIAL OFFER Fusion Washable Bed Pad

Product Details

The Fusion Washable Bed Pad represents a significant leap in bed pad technology featuring seamlessly fused layers, delivering outstanding comfort while maintaining skin integrity. Furthermore, the bed pad's superior moisture-wicking capabilities ensure a consistently dry and comfortable experience.

Ideal for restless sleepers, it has a stabilising brushed backing which keeps the pad in place and eliminates the need for tucks. The user-friendly square design, with clear indicators, accommodates both seasoned users and those new to incontinence care.

Not only does the Fusion Washable Bed Pad exhibit excellent durability and stain resistance, but it also withstands multiple high-temperature washes, including thermal disinfection, ensuring reliability for extended use.

The Fusion Washable Bed Pad is available in cost-effective multipack offers.

Key User Benefits

  • Polyester top surface, soaker layer and PVC backing
  • Innovative bed pad technology with seamlessly fused layers
  • Superior moisture-wicking capabilities
  • Brushed backing stabilises the pad, eliminating the need for tucks
  • Square design with clear indicators
  • Exhibits excellent durability and stain resistance
  • Withstands multiple high-temperature washes
  • Available in cost-effective multipack offers

Product Specifications

  • Colour: TURQUOISE
  • Bed Pad width: 89cm (35")
  • Bed Pad length: 89cm (35")
  • Capacity: 3 litres
  • Machine washable up to 95°c

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