Clavicle Splint

Clavicle Splint

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This Clavicle Splint enables correct posture by providing stability in the wearer's shoulders.

Its straps cross in a figure of eight, enabling a secure fit and alignment of clavicle fractures.

The Clavicle Splint is particularly suitable in the treatment of mild kyphosis and clavicle fracture.

With padding, the straps are comfortable to wear.

To determine the size you require run a tape measure from the centre of your shoulder blades over the shoulder, under the armpit and return it to its starting point between your shoulders.

Clavicle Splint sizes

Small: effective strap length 56cm (22 1/2 inches).

Medium: effective strap length 64cm (25 1/2 inches).

Large: effective strap length 72cm (28 1/2 inches).

Extra Large: effective strap length 80cm (32 inches).

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