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Invacare Universal Standard Spacer Sling


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SPECIAL OFFER Invacare Universal Standard Spacer Sling

Product Details

Made from highly durable spacer fabric ensures this sling is ideal for those with skin integrity issues. This unique fabric is slightly elasticated to enable the sling to contour to the users body shape allowing for optimum support and comfort.

The breathable spacer fabric is two-way stretch allowing the material to adapt to the contours of the user, resulting in high levels of comfort and support allowing people to be left in situ. Please note that a risk assessment by a healthcare professional relating to skin integrity and pressure ulcer risk must be carried out before leaving a sling in situ for a prolonged period. And when left in place for prolonged periods, the user should be regularly re-positioned in line with local health authority pressure ulcer prevention protocols.

As with the Invacare Universal range, this sling is also compatible with a wide range of hoists that use Loop and Coat Hanger Spreader Bar Systems, including the Birdie Hoists. The Universal Sling is often preferred as an all-round sling for the elderly as it offers exceptional support for the whole body and provides the user with superior comfort as well as an unobstructed view.

Please note this sling should only be used for patients that have good head control.

Sling Size Guide (approx)

Small Sling (Orange Binding) - user weight: 25 - 50kgs (4 - 7.8 st)

Medium Sling (Yellow Binding) - user weight: 40 - 90kgs (6.3 - 14.1 st)

Large Sling (Blue Binding) - user weight: 80 - 130kgs (12.6 - 20.4 st)

Extra-Large Sling (Black Binding) - user weight: 120 - 250kgs (18.9 - 39 st)

N.B. Please note the above is just a guide as the size and shape of users can vary so much. If in doubt about the size of sling required please take advice.

Key User Benefits

  • Enhanced Comfort and Support: The highly durable spacer fabric is slightly elasticated, allowing the sling to contour to the user's body shape. This unique feature provides optimal support and comfort, making it particularly beneficial for individuals with skin integrity issues. The fabric's ability to stretch and adapt to the user's contours ensures that the sling can offer high levels of comfort and support, especially important for users who may need to remain in the sling for extended periods.
  • Skin Integrity and Pressure Ulcer Prevention: The breathable spacer fabric is designed for two-way stretch, adapting well to the user's body and reducing the risk of pressure ulcers. This is crucial for users with delicate skin or those at risk of skin integrity issues. However, it's important to note that a healthcare professional should assess the risk of skin integrity and pressure ulcers before leaving the sling in situ for prolonged periods. Additionally, regular repositioning according to local health authority protocols is necessary when the sling is used for extended times, further aiding in pressure ulcer prevention.
  • Universal Compatibility and Unobstructed View: This sling is part of the Invacare Universal range and is compatible with a wide array of hoists, including those that use Loop and Coat Hanger Spreader Bar Systems like the Birdie Hoists. This universal compatibility makes it a versatile choice for various care settings. Furthermore, the design of the sling provides exceptional support for the whole body while offering the user an unobstructed view, enhancing the user experience. This feature is particularly preferred for elderly users, ensuring they receive both the physical support they need and the comfort of being able to see their surroundings clearly.

Product Specifications

  • Made of breathable spacer fabric
  • Often preferred as an all-round sling suitable for in-situ use (see above)
  • Provides exceptional comfort
  • Only be used for those who have good head control
  • Specially designed to support the whole body
  • Extremely durable and robust
  • Suitable for seated to seated transfers
  • Compatible with a wide range of hoists
  • Machine washable at a maximum of: 90 °C
  • Tumble dry at low temperature
  • Do not bleach
  • Maximum user weight (XS to Large): 200kgs (31 st)
  • Maximum user weight (XL): 250kgs (39 st)

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