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Carbonlite Ankle and Foot Orthosis

Carbonlite Ankle and Foot Orthosis
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With an injection-moulded carbon plastic construction, the Carbonlite Ankle and Foot Orthosis is rigid and lightweight.

It consists of a carbon plastic frame and footplate that is secured to the ankle using hook and loop fasteners.

When in position, the footplate of the Carbonlite Ankle and Foot Orthosis prevents the foot falling into more than 90 degrees of plantarflexion.

This makes it useful for people with neurological conditions that affect their ability to control their limbs.

A soft foam liner ensures comfort, and the footplate can be trimmed to fit the foot of each user.

Size Chart...

Size Footplate Length Brace Height
Inces cm Inches cm
Small 9 6/10 24 10 13/32 26
Medium 11 2/10 28 11 19/32 29
Large 11 2/10 28 13 3/16 33
X-Large 12 30 15 19/32 39