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Vulkan Classic Open Knee Support

Vulkan Neoprene Open Knee Support
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This Vulkan Classic Open Knee Support was designed by leading experts in sports and orthopaedic medicine.

It can help with injury prevention, everyday aches and pains, or promoting healing following a sprain.

It also keeps skin cool and able to breathe, optimising hygiene and comfort while offering fantastic support.

With a neoprene and synthetic rubber construction, the Vulkan Classic Open Knee Support is tough yet breathable and proven for its supportive and flexible properties.

The Vulkan Classic Open Knee Support also features a 'patella free' opening with a stitched support, giving additional stability and cushioning to the knee cap.

It is the ideal support for relieving pain to the knee, unstable ligaments, and cartilage damage caused by various activities.

The Vulkan Classic Open Knee Support is available in five different sizes to ensure the best possible fit.