Portable Vacuaide QSU Suction Unit

Mains Only

Portable Vacuaide QSU Suction Unit

Mains Only

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This Portable Vacuaide QSU Suction Unit can be used in both emergency and everyday situations.

It can be used to dislodge blockages, making it useful for people at risk of choking.

For people who require it, the unit can also clear mucus and throat secretions on a regular basis.

The small and compact size of the Portable Vacuaide QSU Suction Unit makes it easy to carry and transport.

It is extremely quiet when in use, making it ideal for home and clinical settings.

An easy to use adjustment dial allows for the pressure to be set at the desired level.

Both battery and mains operated versions are available.

Height: 211mm (8 1/4 inches).

Width: 203mm (8 inches).

Depth: 216mm (8 1/2 inches).

Weight: 2kg (4 1/2lbs).

Weight with battery: 3kg (1/2 stone).

Suction pressure: 50-550mmHg.

Flow rate max: 27 l/min.

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