Matrix Pro Sport Hinged Knee Brace

Matrix Pro Sport Hinged Knee Brace

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The Matrix Pro Sport Hinged Knee Brace fits over the knee joint.

With a construction from compression-moulded carbon composite, it is sturdy, robust and lightweight.

The low-profile hinge is situated over the knee where it effectively controls the range of motion of the joint.

It features stops to prevent the knee from moving into over-extension or flexion, meaning it can help to stop injuries from occurring.

A combination of adjustable straps, condylar pads and cuffs hold the Matrix Pro Sport Hinged Knee Brace in place and prevent it migrating.

It is ideal for people who require extra stability during low to medium impact activities due to ligament instabilities.

The sliding patella system and the padded knee guards provide an additional layer of support.

Customised fitting is achievable using the included mini-screwdriver, 'Y' straps, thinner pad set and shim kit.

A knee sleeve and neoprene wrap is also available if extra comfort is required.

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