SafePresence SafeNBed Alert System

SafePresence SafeNBed Alert System

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The SafePresence SafeNBed Alert System is a versatile safety aid for patients that need to be monitored or who are at risk of falling out of bed.

When linked to the sensor mat, it can be used to sound an alarm if the patient falls or leaves a bed or chair.

The sensor mat is durable and has an anti-bacterial surface that is easy to clean.

It can also be set to sound if the patient hasn't returned to bed after a pre-set time limit, making it useful for people who are prone to wandering.

A range of volume settings and alarm types can be configured, and the SafePresence SafeNBed Alert System can be linked to nurse call systems.

It can be powered using the mains adaptor or three AAA batteries.

Base unit

Height: 115mm (4 1/2 inches).

Width: 58mm (2 1/4 inches).

Depth: 23mm (1 inch).

Sensor Mat Bed

Length: 840mm (33 1/2 inches).

Width: 500mm (20 inches).

Sensor Mat Chair

Length: 380mm (15 1/4 inches).

Width: 300mm (12 inches).

Sensor Mat floor

Length: 889mm (35 inches).

Width: 609mm (24 inches).

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