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  • Rainbow Reacher

    Rainbow Reacher

    A handy reacher with dual suction cups that enables the user to pick objects up.

    Price From: Excl. Tax: £20.72 ( £24.86 £24.86 inc VAT )
  • Folding Reacher

    Folding Reacher

    This reaching aid collapses down when not in use, making it great for storage or transportation.

    Excl. Tax: £10.99 ( £13.19 £13.19 inc VAT )
  • Pistol-Grip Reacher

    Pistol-Grip Reacher

    A reaching aid with an ergonomic, pistol style grip that is available in two sizes.

    Price From: Excl. Tax: £9.99 ( £11.99 £11.99 inc VAT )
  • Rotating Reacher

    Rotating Reacher

    A handy reaching tool that removes the need to bend down when picking up objects.

    Price From: Excl. Tax: £14.99 ( £17.99 £17.99 inc VAT )
  • Easireach II

    Easireach II

    Made from aluminium, this reaching aid is rigid but lightweight and ideal for those with limited strength or flexibility.

    Price From: Excl. Tax: £6.49 ( £7.79 £7.79 inc VAT )
  • Suction Tip Reacher

    Suction Tip Reacher

    A practical reaching tool which helps minimise bending or stretching to pick up items.

    Excl. Tax: £12.99 ( £15.59 £15.59 inc VAT )
  • Folding Easireach II

    Folding Easireach II

    This folding reacher has a pistol grip mechanism and strong rubber coated jaws.

    Excl. Tax: £10.99 ( £13.19 £13.19 inc VAT )
  • Pick-Up Reacher

    Pick-Up Reacher

    A versatile reaching aid with a range of handy features.

    Price From: Excl. Tax: £4.99 ( £5.99 £3.59 inc VAT )
  • Coloured Aluminium Reachers

    Coloured Aluminium Reachers

    A range of colourful grabbers which make for excellent lightweight reaching aids.

    Excl. Tax: £9.99 ( £11.99 £11.99 inc VAT )
  • Aluminium Folding Reacher

    Aluminium Folding Reacher

    Super lightweight Folding Reacher with length of 66cm (26 inches).

    Excl. Tax: £9.99 ( £11.99 £11.99 inc VAT )
  • Sammons Preston Lightweight Reachers

    Sammons Preston Lightweight Reachers

    A range of lightweight aluminium reachers that can make picking things up easier.

    Price From: Excl. Tax: £15.99 ( £19.19 £19.19 inc VAT )
  • Handi-Reacher


    This reaching aid offers outstanding value for money and is available in three sizes.

    Price From: Excl. Tax: £7.99 ( £9.59 £9.59 inc VAT )
  • Handi-Grip Reacher

    Handi-Grip Reacher

    For those who have difficulty stretching to reach objects.

    Price From: Excl. Tax: £11.99 ( £14.39 £14.39 inc VAT )
  • Aktiv Reacher

    Aktiv Reacher

    Specially designed rubber clad jaws making it easy to push or pull clothing.

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