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Wheeled Shopping Baskets

Wheeled shopping baskets take the strain out of going shopping. Shopping baskets with wheels can be an ideal way for someone facing mobility issues to maintain their independence. Some of our wheeled shopping trolleys are designed to easily go up and down stairs.

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  • The Liberator Shop-A-Seat

    The Liberator Shop-A-Seat

    A four-wheeled shopping trolley which can also be used as a comfortable seat.

    Excl. Tax: £179.99 ( £215.99 £215.99 inc VAT )
  • Shop-a-Seat Escort

    Shop-a-Seat Escort

    A shopping trolley that features a perching stool for resting on.

    Excl. Tax: £109.99 ( £131.99 £131.99 inc VAT )
  • Leisure Shopping Trolley with Fold Down Seat

    Leisure Shopping Trolley with Fold Down Seat

    A large capacity shopping trolley with fold down rear seat for resting.

    Price From: Excl. Tax: £40.99 ( £49.19 £49.19 inc VAT )
  • Two Wheel Shopping Trolley

    Two Wheel Shopping Trolley

    A lightweight yet durable shopping trolley with two wheels and a stylish black bag.

    Excl. Tax: £23.99 ( £28.79 £28.79 inc VAT )
  • Four Wheel Shopping Trolley

    Four Wheel Shopping Trolley

    This wheeled trolley is ideal for day-to-day shopping trips.

    Excl. Tax: £32.99 ( £39.59 £39.59 inc VAT )
  • Sholeco


    This shopping trolley also functions as a walking support.

    Price From: Excl. Tax: £72.99 ( £87.59 £87.59 inc VAT )