Rising Seats & Aids

Getting to your feet from a sitting position can be difficult if you are living with certain health conditions. Essential Aids Rising Seats section of mobility aids offers a range of innovative products which make the process easier. We supply cushions which physically push you upwards as you stand up, like the Easy Rise Booster Cushion. Alternatively, depending on your condition or disability, booster cushions may be a simple way of reducing the distance of travel between standing and sitting. If seat riser cushions don’t fit the bill, we also supply special furniture ‘feet’ which raise the height of the sofa, armchair or bed by effectively extending the length of the legs.

Getting to your feet from a sitting position can be difficult if you are living with certain health conditions. Essential Aids Rising Seats section of mobility aids offers a range of innovative


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  1. VAT Relief Harley Booster Cushion

    Harley Booster Cushion

    This cushion fits under the cushion of an existing chair in order to raise its height.
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     with VAT Relief
  2. VAT Relief Seat Belt Reacher

    Seat Belt Reacher

    A handy tool that clips to a seatbelt and makes it easier to reach and put on.
     with VAT Relief
  3. SPECIAL OFFER Rotary Cushion

    Rotary Cushion

    A handy turning disc that makes transferring in and out of a car seat or chair easier.
     WAS £27.09 
    Today's Price
     with VAT Relief
  4. SPECIAL OFFER Auto Mobility Solution

    Auto Mobility Solution

    Great in-car mobility aids - handybar and swivel cushion combination Pack.
     WAS £47.36 
    Today's Price
     with VAT Relief
  5. SPECIAL OFFER Car Caddie

    Car Caddie

    Provides an excellent support loop for use when getting in our out of a car.
     WAS £18.33 
    Today's Price
     with VAT Relief
  6. SPECIAL OFFER Langham Linked Chair Raiser

    Langham Linked Chair Raiser

    Four linked moulded plastic blocks to allow for the height adjustment of chairs.
     WAS £44.90 
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     with VAT Relief
  7. VAT Relief Ezee Turn Cushion

    Ezee Turn Cushion

    This padded cushion rotates on its own base, making it a practical and comfortable transfer aid.
     with VAT Relief
  8. SPECIAL OFFER Ezee Turn Pad

    Ezee Turn Pad

    This transfer aid has two ultra low friction discs which slide against each other to create easy rotation for the user.
     WAS £31.09 
    Today's Price
     with VAT Relief
  9. SPECIAL OFFER Soft Transfer Seat

    Soft Transfer Seat

    A padded transfer seat that enables the user to rotate freely.
     WAS £32.30 
    Today's Price
     with VAT Relief
  10. VAT Relief Turneasy Swivel Cushion

    Turneasy Swivel Cushion

    A flexible swivelling cushion ideal for assisting the transition to and from most types of seat.
     with VAT Relief
  11. Leg-X Chair Raisers - Pack of 4

    Leg-X Chair Raisers - Pack of 4

    A four-pack of plastic chair raisers with height adjustment.
     inc VAT
  12. SPECIAL OFFER Langham Adjustable Chair Raiser

    Langham Adjustable Chair Raiser

    A chair height adjuster with moulded plastic blocks that can be used with many different sized chairs.
     WAS £32.94 
    Today's Price
     with VAT Relief
  13. SPECIAL OFFER Morris Settee Raiser

    Morris Settee Raiser

    A furniture raiser designed to be used with settees with small feet and castors.
     WAS £105.23 
    Today's Price
     with VAT Relief
  14. VAT Relief Morris Adjustable Bed Raiser

    Morris Adjustable Bed Raiser

    A bed raiser that can be used to increase the height of beds.
     with VAT Relief
  15. SPECIAL OFFER Economy Revolving Seat

    Economy Revolving Seat

    This rotating seat is mounted on ball bearings and is a clever aid to getting in or out of a car.
     WAS £42.78 
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     inc VAT
  16. SPECIAL OFFER Transfer Table

    Transfer Table

    Lightweight yet robust turning platform that can be used for standing or seated patient transfers.
     WAS £20.66 
    Today's Price
     with VAT Relief
  17. SPECIAL OFFER Wooden Chair Raisers

    Wooden Chair Raisers

    Four hardwood cubes with different size recesses, enabling the height to be raised of different chair types.
     WAS £25.99 
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     with VAT Relief
  18. VAT Relief Sandringham High Seat Chair

    Sandringham High Seat Chair

    An armchair that is designed to be comfortable and facilitate easier rising.
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     with VAT Relief
  19. VAT Relief Deluxe Sandringham Chair

    Deluxe Sandringham Chair

    The Sandringham has a high seat and backrest, making it easier from which to rise from than standard armchairs.
     with VAT Relief
  20. SPECIAL OFFER Alexander Universal Chair/Settee Raiser - Pair

    Alexander Universal Chair/Settee Raiser - Pair

    Discreetly raises the height of existing furniture.
     WAS £112.14 
    Today's Price
     with VAT Relief
  21. VAT Relief Morris & Alexander Universal Bed Raiser

    Morris & Alexander Universal Bed Raiser

    A bed raiser discreetly and securely increases the height of a bed.
     with VAT Relief
  22. Available Offers Adjustable Bed Raisers

    Adjustable Bed Raisers

    These Adjustable Bed Raisers provide a simple way of raising bed height.
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     inc VAT
  23. VAT Relief Rota Cushion - Junior 280mm

    Rota Cushion - Junior 280mm

    A comfortable rotating cushion that enables easier transfers in a range of situations.
     with VAT Relief
  24. SPECIAL OFFER Set of 4 Furniture Risers

    Set of 4 Furniture Risers

    A set of strong and durable furniture raisers.
     WAS £17.28 
    Today's Price
     with VAT Relief
  25. Available Offers Multi-Purpose Raiser

    Multi-Purpose Raiser

    A multi-purpose furniture raiser that can be used with beds, chairs and settees.
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     inc VAT
  26. VAT Relief Grip On Chair Raiser

    Grip On Chair Raiser

    A pack of chair raisers that attach to the leg of the chair.
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     with VAT Relief
  27. VAT Relief Stander Handy Handle

    Stander Handy Handle

    The Handy Handle provides an easier grip and better leverage while helping someone stand from a couch, car, bed, or toilet.
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     with VAT Relief
  28. Available Offers Elephant Feet Pack Of 4

    Elephant Feet Pack Of 4

    Use these plastic 'elephant feet' to raise the height of chair and bed to get on and off effortlessely.

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     inc VAT
  29. Langham Raiser Link Arms

    Langham Raiser Link Arms

    Link arms for the Langham furniture raisers.
     inc VAT
  30. VAT Relief Wooden Bed/Chair Raisers

    Wooden Bed/Chair Raisers

    Wooden chair or bed raising cubes which are easy to install and adapt to different sized furnishings.
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     with VAT Relief
Frequently Asked Questions
What are rising seats and aids?

Cushions and other pieces of equipment which help someone get to their feet from a sitting position, or visa versa.

Who might use a rising seat?

These are important mobility aids for those with compromised strength, flexibility or balance.

How does a rising seat or cushion work?

These devices effectively cushion your weight as you sit down.

An internal hydraulic arm provides the user with a gradual, supported movement as they come down to a sitting position.

As the user gets back to their feet, the seat offers a pushing motion upwards, boosting the user's weight as they resume standing.

Are there other aids in this section which make it easier to stand up or sit down?

Many people struggle with the routine task of standing up or sitting down, especially from low seating like sofas or armchairs.

Aside from electric or hydraulic powered rising seats, there are other pieces of equipment which attempt to help with the same issue.

Height booster cushions - these are essentially firm cushions which are usually placed between the sofa seat and its own removable cushion.

This raises the height of the sitter, meaning there is less distance of travel from sitting to standing.

Elephant feet or chair raisers - plastic or wooden blocks which have indentations into which the feet of furniture can fit.

Suitable for chairs or beds, again their chief purpose is to raise the height of the user's sitting position, making it more manageable to sit down and back up again.

What other mobility aids work well in tandem with rising seats?

Armchair support grab rails - some support rails are specifically designed to fit to an armchair or sofa.

They are often used in combination with rising seats or booster feet which raise the height of furniture.

Using a clamping mechanism which fits in the gap between the bottom of the furniture and the floor, they comprise a vertical shaft and a handle at the top.

This provides a stable and robust support rail for the person sitting in the chair.

Are riser cushions available to help get in or out of a car seat?

Aids to help get in and out of a car seat - the low sitting position required in many cars creates a challenge for people with mobility issues.

These useful living aids make a big difference for many people.

There are straps and handles available which fit to the car, providing points of support as you get up or sit down.

Swivel cushions - while not strictly rising seats, these devices help the user get into position in order to stand up.

They can be used on conventional seating or in car seats.

Swivel cushions make it much easier for the user to swing their legs to the side, a function particularly difficult for those with general reduced mobility.

In-car mobility aids make a big difference to people with flexibility issues or chronic stiffness in parts of their body.

Living aids like this are important pieces of equipment for many people's daily routines.

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