Wheelchair & Scooter Clothing

Clothing for wheelchair and mobility scooter users. We supply wheelchair clothes like special gloves, an extensive range of weather protective garments, along with leg protectors and hand warmers. Rain covers for scooter and wheelchair storage are also available here. While Essential Aids’ range features lightweight wheelchair clothing, UK winters also necessitate warm fleece linings, so we also supply these in various styles. We have raincoats which cover just the upper body, through to longer versions which protect the user from head to toe. Weatherproof mobility scooter clothing is similar to that for wheelchairs but the hands and arms are always kept free in order to facilitate the use of the vehicle’s controls.


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  1. Vat Exempt  Universal Scooter Cape

    Universal Scooter Cape

    Lightweight, waterproof cape that protects any mobility scooter and its user.
    ( £39.59  inc VAT )
  2. Vat Exempt  Wheelchair Poncho

    Wheelchair Poncho

    A waterproof, fully covering poncho ideal for users of wheelchairs or mobility scooters during wet weather.
    ( £23.99  inc VAT )
  3. Vat Exempt  Wheelchair Cosy

    Wheelchair Cosy

    Fleece lined, waterproof covering for the lower body, ideal for extra warmth and comfort while using a wheelchair.
    ( £35.99  inc VAT )
  4. Vat Exempt  Kozee Skoota Mate

    Kozee Skoota Mate

    A waterproof cover for scooter riders that combines protection with practicality.
    ( £51.59  inc VAT )
  5. Vat Exempt  Mini Skoota Kape

    Mini Skoota Kape

    A weather cover to be used with mini-scooters to keep the user and scooter dry.
    ( £56.39  inc VAT )
  6. Vat Exempt  Skoota Kozee Toze

    Skoota Kozee Toze

    A weather protection cover to keep mobility scooter users warm and dry.
    ( £56.39  inc VAT )
  7. Vat Exempt  Kozee Skoota Kape

    Kozee Skoota Kape

    A waterproof cover designed to protect a user and the entire scooter they are using.
    ( £56.39  inc VAT )
  8. Vat Exempt  Skoota Leg Wrap

    Skoota Leg Wrap

    A waterproof and warm cover for the legs of mobility scooter users.
    ( £44.39  inc VAT )
  9. Vat Exempt  Kozee Toze

    Kozee Toze

    A lower body wheelchair cover designed to keep users warm and dry.
    ( £51.59  inc VAT )
  10. Vat Exempt  Kozee Kape

    Kozee Kape

    A weather protection cape for wheelchair users that covers the upper body.
    ( £26.39  inc VAT )
  11. Vat Exempt  Sleeve Protector

    Sleeve Protector

    A protective sleeve that can be used to prevent wheelchair users from getting dirt on their clothes.
    ( £10.79  inc VAT )
  12. Vat Exempt  Kozee Kape with Sleeves

    Kozee Kape with Sleeves

    An upper body waterproof cover for use by wheelchair users in bad weather.
    ( £33.59  inc VAT )
  13.  Childs Kozee Toze

    Childs Kozee Toze

    Keep your child warm and dry with the rainproof outer and sumptuous fleece lining.
    ( £40.79  inc VAT )
  14. Vat Exempt  Kozee Kover-Up

    Kozee Kover-Up

    A lighter weight weather cover suitable for use by wheel chair users in summer.
    ( £26.39  inc VAT )
  15. Vat Exempt  Kozee Chair Mate

    Kozee Chair Mate

    A waterproof cover designed to keep wheelchair users protected from the elements.
    ( £51.59  inc VAT )
  16. Vat Exempt  Kozee Child Poncho

    Kozee Child Poncho

    A waterproof cover to be be used by child wheelchair users to protect them from adverse weather.
    ( £27.59  inc VAT )
  17. Vat Exempt  Kozee Handz

    Kozee Handz

    A waterproof and warming hand pouch for wheelchair chair users.
    ( £11.99  inc VAT )
  18. Vat Exempt  Kozee Koverall

    Kozee Koverall

    A full body weather cover for use by wheelchair users with a concealed hood.
    ( £39.59  inc VAT )
  19. Vat Exempt  Kozee Koverall with Sleeves

    Kozee Koverall with Sleeves

    A full body, waterproof garment to be worn by wheelchair users in bad weather.
    ( £47.99  inc VAT )
  20. Vat Exempt  Wheelchair Pushing Gloves (Leather)

    Wheelchair Pushing Gloves (Leather)

    Leather gloves specially designed to ease strain from pushing wheelchairs.
    ( £16.79  inc VAT )
  21. Vat Exempt  Wheelchair Pushing Gloves (Amara)

    Wheelchair Pushing Gloves (Amara)

    Amara wheelchair gloves which offer essential comfort and protection while pushing a wheelchair.
    ( £16.79  inc VAT )
  22. Vat Exempt  Splash Scooter Leg Cape

    Splash Scooter Leg Cape

    A weather protection cape that can be draped over the user's legs.
    ( £44.27  inc VAT )
  23. Vat Exempt  Splash Scooter Cosy

    Splash Scooter Cosy

    A lower body weather cover to protect a mobility scooter user from rain and cold.
    ( £57.32  inc VAT )
  24. Vat Exempt  Splash Powerchair Cape (Lined)

    Splash Powerchair Cape (Lined)

    A weather protection cover to prevent powered wheelchair users getting wet.
    ( £62.54  inc VAT )
  25. Vat Exempt  Splash Wheelchair Apron

    Splash Wheelchair Apron

    A weather protection apron that protects the legs of a wheelchair user.
    ( £25.34  inc VAT )
  26. Vat Exempt  Splash Wheelchair Mac

    Splash Wheelchair Mac

    A comprehensive weatherproof mac that can be used by wheelchair users in bad weather.
    ( £37.19  inc VAT )
  27. Vat Exempt  Splash Wheelchair Cosy

    Splash Wheelchair Cosy

    A warm, comfortable and waterproof cover that can protect the legs of a wheelchair user.
    ( £50.39  inc VAT )
  28. Vat Exempt  Splash Wheelchair Poncho

    Splash Wheelchair Poncho

    A waterproof and lined poncho that can be used to protect wheelchair users from bad weather.
    ( £34.79  inc VAT )
  29. Vat Exempt  Splash Scooter Cape

    Splash Scooter Cape

    A comprehensive weather cover for a mobility scooter.
    ( £55.19  inc VAT )
  30. Vat Exempt  Revara Sports Leather Winter Glove

    Revara Sports Leather Winter Glove

    A warm and durable pair of weather resistant wheelchair gloves.
    ( £22.94  inc VAT )

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