Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair cushions made to relieve pressure and make life more comfortable. Our pressure relief cushions for wheelchairs range from foam based units, through to gel-based and inflatable models. For those who rely on wheelchairs for their mobility, cushions may make a big difference to their everyday comfort. Essential Aids has a long established reputation for supply quality wheelchair cushions, uk-wide. Our cushions spread pressure evenly, reducing force or friction on localised, vulnerable areas. Our cushions are specifically designed to cater for the varying grades of pressure sore vulnerability a person may experience.

Wheelchair cushions made to relieve pressure and make life more comfortable. Our pressure relief cushions for wheelchairs range from foam based units, through to gel-based and inflatable models. For those who rely on


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  1. SPECIAL OFFER Comfort Plus Cushion

    Comfort Plus Cushion

    This comfortable cushion is suitable for most wheelchairs and mobility scooters.
     WAS £20.80 
    Today's Price
     with VAT Relief
  2. VAT Relief 2-Way Sculptured Support Cushion

    2-Way Sculptured Support Cushion

    Nodular foam on one side and flat cushion on the other - a versatile 2-way cushion.
     with VAT Relief
  3. Back Soother Cushion

    Back Soother Cushion

    Wraps and supports the low back, the fibre filling ensuring comfort and support.
     inc VAT
  4. VAT Relief Comfort Ease Cushion

    Comfort Ease Cushion

    This attractive cushion is ideal for a variety of situations as it is lightweight, comfortable and durable.
     with VAT Relief
  5. SPECIAL OFFER Inflatable PVC Ring Cushion

    Inflatable PVC Ring Cushion

    Lightweight, portable cushion which can be inflated for quick comfort and support at home or while travelling.
     WAS £14.39 
    Today's Price
     inc VAT
  6. SPECIAL OFFER Economy Rubber Ring Cushion

    Economy Rubber Ring Cushion

    This inflatable cushion delivers basic pressure relief and is particularly useful for those suffering with hemorrhoids.
     WAS £44.41 
    Today's Price
     inc VAT
  7. VAT Relief S-Mate Cushion

    S-Mate Cushion

    A combination foam and gel cushion that has raised nodules on the top surface.
     with VAT Relief
  8. Available Offers Vinyl Cover Cushions

    Vinyl Cover Cushions

    Vinyl covered foam cushions ideal for wheelchair or mobility scooter comfort.
    Options from
     with VAT Relief
  9. VAT Relief Kozee Wheelchair Pillow

    Kozee Wheelchair Pillow

    A wheelchair pillow that provides comfort and support to the user.
     with VAT Relief
  10. SPECIAL OFFER No Sag Cushion

    No Sag Cushion

    A specially designed no-sag cushion that can be used with wheelchairs.
     WAS £23.44 
    Today's Price
     with VAT Relief
  11. SPECIAL OFFER Secure Canvas Pouch

    Secure Canvas Pouch

    A handy storage pocket that is designed to be used with wheelchairs.
     WAS £18.34 
    Today's Price
     with VAT Relief
  12. VAT Relief Wheelchair Fleece

    Wheelchair Fleece

    Wool fleece cover for a wheelchair or mobility scooter, providing extra comfort, support and warmth while seated for long periods.
     with VAT Relief
  13. SPECIAL OFFER Pelvic Wedge Cushion

    Pelvic Wedge Cushion

    A foam wedge cushion that promotes comfort and correct posture in a seated position.

     WAS £23.44 
    Today's Price
     with VAT Relief
  14. VAT Relief Harley Designer Wedge

    Harley Designer Wedge

    This wedge cushion improves spinal posture and is available with a coccyx cut-out.
    Options from
     with VAT Relief
  15. Harley Designer Winged Support

    Harley Designer Winged Support

    This memory foam back cushion wraps-around the lower torso to give exceptional lateral support.
     inc VAT
  16. VAT Relief Harley 11 degree Hip Wedge

    Harley 11 degree Hip Wedge

    This wedge cushion tilts the pelvis to keep the spine in a natural, comfortable position.
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     with VAT Relief
  17. VAT Relief Harley Booster Cushion

    Harley Booster Cushion

    This cushion fits under the cushion of an existing chair in order to raise its height.
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     with VAT Relief
  18. VAT Relief Harley Designer Luxury 'V' Cushion

    Harley Designer Luxury 'V' Cushion

    This memory foam wheelchair cushion is suitable for those at high risk of developing pressure ulcers.
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     with VAT Relief
  19. VAT Relief Harley Proform Cushion - Ringo

    Harley Proform Cushion - Ringo

    This comfortable, lightweight cushion with individual foam sections helps to elevate a chair or wheelchair.
     with VAT Relief
  20. SPECIAL OFFER Harley Bari-Care Designer Sculpted Cushion

    Harley Bari-Care Designer Sculpted Cushion

    This anatomically contoured cushion has remarkable pressure relieving properties.
     WAS £138.74 
    Today's Price
     with VAT Relief
  21. SPECIAL OFFER Nodular Foam Ring Cushion

    Nodular Foam Ring Cushion

    A foam cushion with a nodular top surface for pain relief and comfort.
     WAS £27.22 
    Today's Price
     inc VAT
  22. Available Offers Canvas Cover Cushions

    Canvas Cover Cushions

    These hard wearing wheelchair cushion covers fix securely to most wheelchairs.
    Options from
     with VAT Relief
  23. Available Offers Deluxe - Komfort Cushions

    Deluxe - Komfort Cushions

    These layered cushions give excellent pressure relief and are popular with wheelchair and mobility scooter users.
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     with VAT Relief
  24. Available Offers Economy Fleece Cover Cushions

    Economy Fleece Cover Cushions

    These cushions are soft and warm to the touch, making them ideal for a wheelchair or mobility scooter.
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     inc VAT
  25. Available Offers Luxury Fleece Cover Cushions

    Luxury Fleece Cover Cushions

    Luxury Pure Wool Pile on the upper and front edge with a vinyl underside.
    Options from
     with VAT Relief
  26. VAT Relief Inflatable Rubber Cushions

    Inflatable Rubber Cushions

    Inflatable ring shaped cushion which moulds to individual shape and deflates quickly for compact storage or transportation.
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     with VAT Relief
  27. SPECIAL OFFER Z-Tec Wheelchair Cushion

    Z-Tec Wheelchair Cushion

    The Z-Tec Wheelchair Cushion can be used for extra comfort and comes with a zipped black nylon cover.
     WAS £26.99 
    Today's Price
     with VAT Relief
  28. VAT Relief Harley Visco-Tex Cushion

    Harley Visco-Tex Cushion

    A double - layered cushion of high density foam and flexible, cooling memory foam.
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     with VAT Relief
  29. VAT Relief Wheelchair Seat and Back Cover - Fleece

    Wheelchair Seat and Back Cover - Fleece

    High quality seat and back cover for a wheelchair or mobility scooter, made from 100% genuine wool.
     with VAT Relief
  30. VAT Relief Leatherette Cover

    Leatherette Cover

    A faux-leather cover for Harley wheelchair cushions.

    Options from
     with VAT Relief
Frequently Asked Questions
What are wheelchair cushions?

Cushions designed to increase comfort and support for wheelchair users.

These items are among the most popular wheelchair accessories.

Who uses wheelchair cushions?

Anyone who uses a wheelchair may benefit from using a cushion.

They are however, usually most useful for those routinely using a wheelchair and who find the seat less comfortable without one.

What are the different types of wheelchair cushion?

Foam wheelchair cushions - these are the most inexpensive options and many use layers of foam to achieve the best padding and support.

Layered combinations of foam are designed to give support without losing stability.

Memory foam is often used because of its shape-holding properties.

This allows it to adapt its contours to fit those of the sitter.

Almost all foam wheelchair cushions are supplied with washable or wipeable covers.

Gel wheelchair cushions - gel - usually silicone gel - is frequently used in cushions because of its pressure and heat distribution properties.

People at risk from developing pressure sores often use this type of cushion.

It is unusual for a whole cushion to be made of gel - more often they comprise foam cushions with gel-filled compartments.

Inflatable wheelchair cushions - this style uses inflatable pockets of air to create comfort and support.

It comes with the territory that blow-up wheelchair cushions are vulnerable to punctures, so need to be treated more carefully than other kinds of cushion.

Most inflatable cushions have a 'nodular' design.

The nodules create both support and also allow air to flow around the user's posterior.

Wedge shaped wheelchair cushions - these are cut in a triangular or 'wedge' shape.

The thick end of the wedge is usually positioned at the back, under the person's coccyx area.

Contoured cushions - these have curved sections which fit the shape of one's backside, hopefully providing improved support and stability.

They often feature firmer foam around the edges and softer material towards the centre.

Wheelchair cushions with cut-out sections - these are designed to relieve pressure to specific areas.

Some have a section cut out in the centre of the cushion, while others feature a cut-out under the coccyx area.

This part of the body may be extra sensitive in some people.

Nodular wheelchair cushions - these have raised bumps which some people find supportive and comfortable.

The nodules may also help with airflow, reducing discomfort from overheating.

Are wheelchair cushions all the same size?

Most cushions are available in various dimensions, so check the details of the products concerned.

Many are available in different depths, as well as widths, so you should be able to find one for your wheelchair.

Are wheelchair cushions washable?

Many cushions come with washable covers - check the details on the product.

Others have wipe-clean outer covers which are robust and practical.

Are fleeces cushions for wheelchairs available?

Warm synthetic and lambswool cushions are a popular choice because of the comfort and cosiness they offer.

Some kinds have a cushion which not only fits on the seat, but also extends up the back rest.

This proves warmth and cushioning to the parts of the body in most contact with the wheelchair.

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