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Plastic Transfer Bench

Plastic Transfer Bench
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The innovative and unique design of this Plastic Transfer Bench makes it an excellent choice for bath safety.

With an extra wide design, it provides both a seat in the bath and enables easy transfer in and out.

One side of the Plastic Transfer Bench is placed in the bath itself, and the other is placed next to it.

In this way the Plastic Transfer Bench bridges the high bath side and allows the user to transfer over the top.

It is ideal for people who have limited mobility and find bathing difficult.

With an aluminium frame, the Plastic Transfer Bench is strong and also lightweight.

It has a blow-moulded plastic seat that features holes to enable water drainage.

The seat can also be raised and lowered to accommodate different baths and individuals.

A backrest is included to offer extra support and it has a built in grab handle that makes the Plastic Transfer Bench easier to move and position.

The feet have large suction cups that secure the bench in place and stop it from sliding around.

Width: 84cm (33 inches).

Depth: 61cm (24 inches).

Seat width: 66cm (26 inches).

Seat depth: 50cm (19 inches).

Seat height: 46-61cm (18-24 inches).

Weight: 5kg (3/4 stone).

Maximum safe user weight: 135kg (21 stone).