Bathroom Grab Rails

Essential Aids has an extensive range of grab rails for the bathroom. These products may be of great help for those with reduced strength or balance. Bathroom grab rails for the elderly or people whose condition means they need support either when using the bath, shower, toilet, or sink. Essential Aids supplies bathroom grab bars for elderly people which are designed to fit discreetly with your décor. Many of our bathroom grab handles are available with textured or patterned grip surfaces, making them less likely to slip in wet environments. You can find more bathing aids here.

Essential Aids has an extensive range of grab rails for the bathroom. These products may be of great help for those with reduced strength or balance. Bathroom grab rails for the elderly or


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  1. Vat Exempt  Moulded Fluted Grab Rails

    Moulded Fluted Grab Rails

    A range of grab rails of various lengths to aid and give support.
    ( £9.83  inc VAT )
  2. Vat Exempt  Newel Rail

    Newel Rail

    A specially shaped grab rail to provide support when mounting the stairs.
    ( £12.48  inc VAT )
  3. Vat Exempt  Prima Grab Bar (White/Mint Colour)

    Prima Grab Bar (White/Mint Colour)

    A strong, durable and comfortable to hold range of grab rails.
    ( £22.20  inc VAT )
  4. Vat Exempt  Prima Outdoor Grab Rail (Green & Black) - 18'' (46 cm) Length

    Prima Outdoor Grab Rail (Green & Black) - 18'' (46 cm) Length

    A sturdy and durable grab rail for use outdoors.
    ( £11.50  inc VAT )
  5. Vat Exempt  Angled Steel Grab Rails

    Angled Steel Grab Rails

    Offset, angled version of the standard steel grab rails.
    ( £15.05  inc VAT )
  6. Vat Exempt  Steel Grab Rails

    Steel Grab Rails

    A range of strong and durable support rails in different lengths.
    ( £10.79  inc VAT )
  7. Vat Exempt  Merlin Grab Rails

    Merlin Grab Rails

    A strong and durable grab rail to provide assistance in various places in a domestic environment.
    ( £8.99  inc VAT )
  8. Vat Exempt  Moulded Fluted Grab Rails

    Moulded Fluted Grab Rails

    A range of support rails of varying lengths to give stability and aid where required.
    ( £15.82  inc VAT )
  9. Vat Exempt  Stick 'n' Stay Mobility Handle

    Stick 'n' Stay Mobility Handle

    A versatile grab handle that can be fixed to any enamel, tiled or fibreglass surface.
    ( £52.75  inc VAT )
  10. Vat Exempt  Ringwood Grab Rails

    Ringwood Grab Rails

    A range of grab rails with larger diameters for a range of leverage and mobility applications.
    ( £16.51  inc VAT )
  11. Vat Exempt  Folding Support Arm

    Folding Support Arm

    Features a classic curved design and available in two lengths.
    ( £65.78  inc VAT )
  12. Vat Exempt  Fold Away Grab Rails

    Fold Away Grab Rails

    These rails are ideal when space is at a premium.
    ( £88.72  inc VAT )
  13. Vat Exempt  Ringwood Wall To Floor Grab Rail

    Ringwood Wall To Floor Grab Rail

    A strong epoxy-coated steel rail that is shaped to allow it to be fixed to the floor and wall simultaneously.
    ( £35.41  inc VAT )
  14. Vat Exempt  Bathtub Grab Bar

    Bathtub Grab Bar

    For confidence and stability when getting in and out of the bath.
    ( £42.84  inc VAT )
  15. Vat Exempt  Deluxe Bathtub Grab Bar

    Deluxe Bathtub Grab Bar

    This bath rail has a simple adjustment clamp making it suitable for most bathtubs.
    ( £55.68  inc VAT )
  16. Vat Exempt  Padded Grab Bar

    Padded Grab Bar

    A padded foam grab bar that can be attached to the side of a bath to provide assistance.
    ( £103.78  inc VAT )
  17. Vat Exempt  Floor Mounted Folding Rail

    Floor Mounted Folding Rail

    This U-shaped rail fixes to the floor rather than the wall.
    ( £115.08  inc VAT )
  18. Vat Exempt  Advantage Rail

    Advantage Rail

    Solid floor mounted rail suitable the bath, bedroom or toilet.
    Out of stock
  19. Vat Exempt  Plastic Fluted Grab Bars

    Plastic Fluted Grab Bars

    A selection of grab rails that have a fluted surface to promote a better grip.
    ( £16.73  inc VAT )
  20. Vat Exempt  Drop Down Safety Rail

    Drop Down Safety Rail

    This rail features the classic U-shaped design and folds away when not being used.
    ( £58.15  inc VAT )
  21. Vat Exempt  Bath Rail T Shape

    Bath Rail T Shape

    This rail clamps around the taps to provide a hinged support rail.
    ( £40.87  inc VAT )
  22. Vat Exempt  White Plastic Grab Bar

    White Plastic Grab Bar

    Plastic grab bars with a ribbed grip, improving safety and balance all around the home.
    ( £19.19  inc VAT )
  23. Vat Exempt  Clamp on Bath Safety Grab Rail

    Clamp on Bath Safety Grab Rail

    A strong grab bar that is easily clamped to the side of the bathtub.
    ( £77.72  inc VAT )
  24. Vat Exempt  Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar

    Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar

    A tension mounted support aid that can assist in rising from chairs, beds and toilets.
    ( £262.96  inc VAT )
  25. Vat Exempt  Shelford Support Frame

    Shelford Support Frame

    A versatile support rail which can be used in a variety of situations.
    ( £49.86  inc VAT )
  26. Vat Exempt  Folding Support Rail

    Folding Support Rail

    A strong twin-bar epoxy coated folding support rail.
    ( £43.81  inc VAT )
  27. Vat Exempt  Fold Down Safety Rail

    Fold Down Safety Rail

    This support rail is made of high quality materials and offers exceptional value for money.
    ( £31.52  inc VAT )
  28. Vat Exempt  Pressalit Folding Support Rail

    Pressalit Folding Support Rail

    A handy support rail that can be fitted to the wall to assist in toilet or shower transfers.
    ( £325.68  inc VAT )
  29. Vat Exempt  Tubular Steel Grab Rails

    Tubular Steel Grab Rails

    Durable steel grab rails available in three different lengths, ideal for home use.
    ( £18.05  inc VAT )
  30. Vat Exempt  Plastic Fluted Grab Rails

    Plastic Fluted Grab Rails

    A range of plastic grab rails that can provide assistance and leverage in different situations.
    ( £9.46  inc VAT )

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a bathroom grab rail?

A grab rail for the bathroom provides support for people who might be unsteady on their feet.

They are metal or plastic rails which fit to the wall, providing something secure to hold on to for those who might be prone to losing their footing.

For individuals in this situation, strategically placed bathroom grab rails are important safety features.

Who might use a grab rail?

People with conditions which impact their balance or strength may need extra support in the bathroom.

Fitting a rail near the toilet, bathroom sink, shower or bath, provides security and reassurance.

Do all bathroom grab rails have the same finish?

Some rails have surfaces which are smooth to the touch, while other metal versions have a milled-pattern surface, increasing friction.

Other rails, particularly plastic versions, may have textured finishes, which are both warmer to the touch and in some cases less likely to become slippery.

Are chrome or stainless steel grab rails available as well as white ones?

Chrome or stainless steel finished rails are available, along with the more common white models.

It’s worth considering these options in order to make the rails blend in with your bathroom’s decor.

Are rails available with strong colours?

Rails with strong colours, usually red or dark blue, are sometimes recommended for people with visual impairments.

These high-contrast bathroom grab rails are designed for maximum visibility.

Are bathroom grab rails easy to fit?

Rails are straight-forward to install but it’s important the work is done by a qualified tradesman.

They will understand the construction of the wall on which the rail is to be fitted, and apply the correct fixings.

Is it possible to fit a grab rail within a shower cubicle?

Fitting grab rails in the shower cubicle is a popular option for those who may find it difficult to stand up for the duration of a shower.

Others may want to use a support rail in combination with either a free-standing or fold up shower seat.

Where in the bathroom should I position the grab rails?

Fit the rails where you need them most.

It’s a good idea to adopt the positions and postures you find yourself most needing support, and mark the walls with chalk to indicate where to fit the rails.

Are different sizes available?

Bathroom grabrails are available in numerous lengths, from around 12cm at their shortest, to nearly a metre.

Do some rails fold away when not in use?

Fold-up bathroom grab rails are often fitted next to the toilet pedestal.

Usually U-shaped, these rails have a spring loaded mechanism which allows them to lock in a vertical position against the wall when not in use.

This prevents any hindrance of other people who might use the same toilet.

Are rails available which fit to the bath itself?

There are bathroom grab rails which clamp to the wall of the bath, providing a support handle midway along its length.

This type of rail is designed to offer support when getting in or out of the bath.

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