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Magiplug Sink Plug

Magiplug Sink Plug
Magiplug Sink Plug Magiplug Sink Plug
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For individuals who are concerned about overflow from the sink, the Magiplug Sink Plug is an ideal aid.

It can be used like a normal sink plug, but has added safety features making it perfect for those who may forget to turn off the taps.

First, a pressure-release mechanism is activated once the water reaches a specific level.

It begins to release the water down the plughole and thus stops overflow.

A heat sensitive pad adds extra safety benefits to the Magiplug Sink Plug by preventing scolding.

Once it reaches 36 degrees Celsius it changes colour, alerting the user to water that is potentially too hot.

Diameter: 70mm (2 3/4 inches).

Weight: 71g (2 1/2 oz).