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Supernova Personal Pack

Supernova Personal Pack

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The Supernova Personal Pack contains one 50ml Mini Hand Foam for instant hand cleansing, and a pack of 25 Active Wipes for sanitising surfaces.

The wipes are ideal for any work, play or dining surfaces, killing almost 100 percent of common germs.

Ideal for use in homes or hospitals, the wipes kill harmful germs such as C-difficile, Novovirus and MRSA, moulds and spores.

Surfaces are biologically cleansed and sanitised in seconds.

The wipes are suitable for large surface coverage and are free from alcohol or harsh agents.

The wipes and hand sanitiser are both fragrance free and ready to use, with no water required.

Hands and surfaces are instantly sanitised with the Supernova Personal Pack.

It is highly portable, making it ideal for use in the home, hospitals, at work or at school.