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Delphi Shower Stool

Delphi Shower Stool
Delphi Shower Stool Delphi Shower Stool
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For people that find showering difficult, we provide the Delphi Shower Stool.

It enables the user to sit in safety and comfort and wash themselves without getting tired.

The seat is constructed from comfortable and easy to clean plastic and features four integral holes to prevent water from sitting on the surface.

It can also be supplied with a front and rear recess to enable personal cleaning.

With anodised aluminium legs, the Delphi Shower Stool is lightweight and sturdy.

It is also suitable for use in wet conditions without the risk of corrosion.

Each of the legs has a non-slip rubber foot, to both provide security and prevent damage to the shower floor.

The legs are also height adjustable, making them suitable for most situations and individuals.

Width: 39cm (15 1/2 inches).

Depth: 39cm (15 1/2 inches).

Seat size: 38 x 38cm (15 x 15 inches).

Seat height: 45-55cm (18-22 inches).

Weight: 2kg (1/4 stone).

Maximum safe user weight: 180kg (28 stone).