Elk (Emergency Lifting Cushion)

Elk (Emergency Lifting Cushion)

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The Elk (Emergency Lifting Cushion) can be used in an emergency to lift someone who has fallen to the floor.

It inflates to allow a single carer to raise the faller, reducing the chance of injury to either individual.

It is suitable for users weighing up to 450kg (70 stone).

Portable and supplied with a battery powered Airflo compressor, the Elk (Emergency Lifting Cushion) can be used inside or outdoors.

It is effective in tight spaces where other lifting equipment would not fit.

To operate, the person who has fallen is rolled gently onto the cushion and helped into a sitting position.

The Elk is then inflated whilst the carer stands behind the fallen individual, supporting them as they are raised to a standing height.

Max height: 560mm (22 inches).

Seat depth: 500mm (20 inches).

Width: 570mm (22 1/2 inches).

Total weight: 3.6kg (1/2 stone).

The Emergency Lifting Cushion is used by UK NHS Ambulance Trusts as a reliable piece of emergency equipment.

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