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Long Handled Household Aids

Long handled products designed for people with limited reach flexibility. Long handled dustpan and brushes, long handled bottle holders and window openers are in this section.

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  • Long Handled Dust Pan and Brush

    Long Handled Dust Pan and Brush

    A cleaning and sweeping aid that doesn't require the user to bend over.

    Excl. Tax: £20.58 ( £24.70 £24.70 inc VAT )
  • Step Stool with Long Handle

    Step Stool with Long Handle

    A handy stool with an extended handle that makes bath transfers safer.

    Excl. Tax: £52.99 ( £63.59 £63.59 inc VAT )
  • Long Handled Bottle Holder

    Long Handled Bottle Holder

    A long handled carry device for bottles that allows the user to pick up without bending down.

    Excl. Tax: £16.99 ( £20.39 £20.39 inc VAT )
  • Window Pull

    Window Pull

    A device which attaches to any lever pull type window handle, helping prevent over stretching or straining to reach an awkward place.

    Price From: Excl. Tax: £45.97 ( £55.16 £55.16 inc VAT )
  • Telescopic Duster

    Telescopic Duster

    A soft fabric duster with an extending arm and a non-slip handle for easy gripping.

    Excl. Tax: £6.99 ( £8.39 £8.39 inc VAT )