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Seahorse Sanichair - Large

Seahorse Plus - 15-18yrs (without liner)

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Seahorse Sanichair - Large

Product Details

The Seahorse Sanichair - Large is your ideal solution for toileting and showering needs for older children.

This is the enhanced version, the Seahorse Plus Toileting & Shower Chair. This new model continues to embrace the original Seahorse's essential features while introducing improvements in functionality, all based on invaluable user feedback.

This chair isn't just about functionality; it's about personal comfort too. With a broad range of adjustments, it's tailored to feel customized to the individual. It's designed to adapt to your child as they grow, and this Large model is particularly suited to children aged 15+ (please note that age range is for guidance only) as well as adults.

Cleanliness is at the forefront with the Seahorse Plus. Whether it's utilizing the large removable potty for swift waste disposal or adjusting the height to fit over the toilet, this chair has it covered. Plus, it's ideal for shower or bath usage, ensuring excellent hygiene levels.

Space efficiency is also considered, with features like gas-assisted tilt-in-space recline that makes it perfect for tighter bathroom spaces. Stability and comfort have not been compromised, thanks to the fully adjustable headrest and footrests, removable armrests and pommel, soft PU liners, and a lap belt for safe movement.

The Seahorse Sanichair - Large is designed to provide ease, safety, and comfort in daily hygiene routines. Whether you're a parent adapting to a growing child or an adult seeking a versatile solution, this chair offers a personal touch to make everyday tasks simpler and more comfortable.

A choice of liner (sold separately)

There are 3 liners suitable for the Large Seahorse Plus. All are waterproof and made using a soft foam that affords the user total comfort when sitting down. The liner can be easily removed for cleaning ensuring maximum levels of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained at all times. The Large Seat and Back Liner is available in thick, thin and extra-thick densities.

Key User Benefits

  • Versatility and Customization: Designed for children aged 15+ and adults, it offers extensive adjustments for a tailored fit, adapting to the user's growth and preferences.
  • Hygiene Maintenance: The chair's ability to be used over the toilet, in the shower, or over the bath, along with a large removable potty, ensures excellent levels of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Space Efficiency: With features like gas-assisted tilt-in-space recline, it's suitable for bathrooms where space is at a premium, allowing for easy repositioning.
  • Comfort and Support: The fully adjustable headrest, footrests, soft PU liners (sold separately), and removable armrests and pommel provide outstanding user comfort, adding to a pleasant experience.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with a lap belt and created with stability in mind, the Seahorse Sanichair prioritizes the user's safety during movement, ensuring peace of mind for both the user and caregiver.

Product Specifications

The Seahorse Plus Toileting & Shower Chair

  • Size: LARGE
  • Age Suitability: 15+ years (for guidance only) and adults
  • Functionality: Over the toilet or with potty, shower, or bath use
  • Adjustability: Gas-assisted tilt-in-space, full height adjustment, flip-up footrests, adjustable headrest
  • Safety Features: Lap belt, removable armrests, pommel, and potty
  • Dimensions: Various measurements to ensure a perfect fit (please refer to the detailed specifications above)
  • Weight: 26kg (54.7lbs)
  • Maximum User Weight: 152kg (24st)
  • Seat angle: 0° - 40°
  • Seat depth: 488mm (19.25")
  • Rear width of seat: 477mm (19")
  • Front width of seat: 530mm (20.75")
  • Height of back: 572mm (22.5")
  • Headrest height: 641 - 816mm (25 - 32")
  • Height of seat: 501 - 609mm (19.5 - 24")
  • Height of footrests: 305 - 430mm (12 - 17")
  • Maximum turning circle: 1488mm (58.5")
  • Height over toilet: 442 - 550mm (21.75 - 17.5")
  • Minimum width over toilet: 592mm (23.25")
  • Armrest to seat: 234mm (9")

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