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Tumble Forms 2 Barrel Crawl/Roll

Tumble Forms 2 Barrel Crawl/Roll
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The Tumble Forms 2 Barrel Crawl/Roll is an innovative tool which helps improve a sense of balance, rhythm and body awareness in children.

The therapist or carer can gently rock this Barrel Crawl/Roll while the child is supported on the top.

This gives the child a fun sense of rhythm, motion and adapting their balance as the roll changes position.

A gradual learning of how to shift weight, adjust position or manipulate the roll can occur in time.

The Tumble Forms 2 Barrel Crawl/Roll is an ideal addition to any children's therapy centred around vestibular training, physical well-being, flexibility or educational play.

Inside diameter: 30.5cm (12 inches).

Outside diameter: 56cm (22 inches).